"Courage in love and war is the theme"
- Andrahar, Trust

A Haradric epic poem based on the historical deaths in battle of Kedara, the Khan of Lokhar, and his shield-brother, Asinyal.

Castamir's alliesEdit

Kedara of LokharEdit

Kedara was the khan of Lokhar, and the bearer of a scimitar called "Nightshade," made by the semi-legendary Haradric swordsmith, Mahiran.[1] Said to have been in the prime of his life when he assisted in the retreat of Castamir's sons from Pelargir in 1448, he had never married.


Lord of a clan allied to Lokhar, and the shield-brother of Kedara. He also participated in the retreat from Pelargir, fighting in the rearguard against the advancing Gondorians.[2]

When the pro-Castamir faction's rearguard was cut off from the ships waiting to bear Castamir's sons and supporters from Pelargir, Kedara returned to his shield-brother's side. Neither survived the ensuing battle, and Nightshade was lost.[3]


Among Haradrim: The poem is said to belong to the genre of "romantic epic" and to focus on the virtue of courage in the arenas of love and war.[4]

There is at least one sung version of the story of Asinyal and Kedara, though whether it is the epic set to music or a different version is unclear.[5]

Among Gondorrim: Given Gondor's general dislike of homoerotic verse and relationships, there is a tendency to disguise the central shield-brother relationship in translation, by rendering Asinyal as a woman who has disguised herself as a man in order to follow Kedara, her beloved, to war and win his regard.[6]