"Come to me through the Void. For there lies nothing, and nothing shall separate you from me." - excerpt from The Precepts, in Giving Gifts
"Unfortunate is the man with a fool for a master" - excerpt from The Precepts, in To the Crossroads

The Precepts are a Haradric sacred text that lays down the way to live and act rightly.

The written form dates to at least S.A. 200.[1]


The contents range from prayer to poetry to prescriptions to wise sayings, and may also go beyond these to other literary forms.

Known subsections or divisions include:

  • The Book of Concords[2]
  • The Golden Scrolls[3]


The Precepts were imported from Giving Gifts, which is not a part of the 'Best-loved Sons Arc.' They feature in stories both in and out of the Unabeauverse.


For Want of Roses

Giving Gifts


Strange Fire

To the Crossroads