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Théorwyn is a Swan Knight who served primarily as Master of Horses during Prince Adrahil's reign.

Early LifeEdit

Although it is implied that Théorwyn's father was Dúnadan, his family on his mother's side has its roots in Rohan. Either she or her family left Rohan at some point to settle in Dol Amroth. Whether Théorwyn was born in Rohan or in Gondor is unknown, but from his mother, Théorwyn inherited lighter looks than most of his Swan Knight peers and learned at least enough Rohirric to swear in it. [1]

Although his date of birth is unknown, he is apparently younger than his peers, Masters Ornendil and Illian, by several years.[2]


At some point prior to 2974, Théorwyn was elevated to Master of Horses. His duties in that position included overseeing the training of pages in the stables, proper care of equipment, training riders at all levels of experience and expertise to fight from horseback, overseeing breeding and purchase of horses, and arranging for their care when sick or injured.

Théorwyn was one of the Masters involved in attempting to restore discipline after the incident between Valyon and Andrahar, and then again when Peloren and Elethil returned to the ranks in 2975. Of the Masters, he showed the most distress and impatience over their situation, as well as appearing more troubled over the difficulties encountered in reintegrating Andrahar to the ranks.[3] He made Peloren one of his assistants for the 2976 term, and later went with Ornendil to the rescue of Calardin and its defenders.

Upon his return from the successful defense of Calardin, during the Prince's judgment of the case of Peloren, Elethil, and Andrahar, Théorwyn was temporarily elevated to Armsmaster, although he retained the position of Master of Horses. By 2980, Galdhros had been appointed Armsmaster in his stead, allowing Théorwyn to devote his time fully to the Horsemaster's duties.[4]


Théorwyn made his first appearance in chapter three of Kin-Strife, and then was used as a secondary character in Reconciliation. He is to date the only male character whose name ends in "-wyn."





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