Gondorian noblewoman, married Thengel, sixteenth King of Rohan. Mother of, amongst others, Théoden, the seventeenth king, and Théodwyn; through Théodwyn, Morwen was the grandmother of Éomer and Éowyn.

After the deaths of their parents, Éomer and Éowyn came to live at Edoras; Morwen at this time was:

a tall and thin white-haired woman with ivoried hands who had welcomed the two bereft and bewildered children to the great wooden hall with steely compassion (see In a Stone City).

Morwen and Éowyn became particularly close (see Mother Country); Éowyn was devastated by the old woman's death, in 3008, when Éowyn was in her thirteenth year:

it was as if an ancient tree had been felled from under her, or as if the moon had faltered in the sky (see In a Stone City).

From Morwen, Éowyn inherited a wooden casket; shortly after her marriage she took the box with her on a journey to Lossarnach; a local craftsman said that the wood had most likely come from Ithilien (see In a Stone City).


Faramir and Éowyn's daughter Morwen was named for her; Morwen of Lossarnach was her great-grandmother through the maternal line.


Mother Country

In a Stone City