Lightfall was a gelding and Peloren's first war-horse.


Lightfall and Peloren trained together while Peloren was still an esquire. Horse and rider were well-matched, Lightfall possessed of a good disposition and a lively interest in his master's well-being:

The stables were nigh, and everyone made haste to settle his mount. Peloren especially was quick, anxious to go in search of Elethil, and so he took the barest time necessary to see to his horse, and to return Aldan's sword to its place with the rest of his gear, then hurried off toward the doors.
However, he had not gone far down the row of stalls when he was diverted from his purpose by an imperious, impatient neighing. "Lightfall!" Peloren hastened to him.
The gelding tossed his head, stamping a bit, and as soon as Peloren reached the stall, Lightfall stuck his head over the door and sniffed, nostrils flaring, as he nosed his rider, seeming to check for damage.
"I'm back, lad," Peloren murmured, stroking the great arched neck reassuringly, and got a snort, as if of disbelief, for an answer. - "Ash and Water," Reconciliation.


Lightfall so far has appeared only in Reconciliation. Whether he came with Peloren from Hathwyn or was chosen by Peloren upon reaching Dol Amroth is not known, though their relationship suggests the former.



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