Master, instructor in languages


Haradric and Khandian

Harthil is a language tutor and member of Dol Amroth's spy ring. He served as a member of Prince Adrahil's staff, and later in Minas Tirith, under Lord Aerandir.


"What does he do?" Andrahar had asked.
"Oh, this and that. Scribing, among other things, and he knows much of the customs of Harad and its history with Gondor," Imrahil had said airily, though Andrahar had got the distinct impression that his friend and lord had not desired to speak further on the matter, and so he had let it go.[1]

Harthil served for an unspecified number of years as a member of Prince Adrahil's staff, in a variety of capacities, including instructing esquire classes in Khandian and Haradric. His primary responsibilities are dictated by his membership in Dol Amroth's spy-ring.

During Harthil's tenure as an instructor for the esquires, he taught Haradric regularly, if within very strict and functional bounds. He clashed with the assistant assigned him for the 2975-2976 term, Andrahar, in this, and in other matters. Ultimately, he lent his weight to a complaint against Andrahar that turned out to be more political than aught else and was reassigned quietly to Aerandir's staff in Minas Tirith, where he was to assist in Dol Amroth's efforts to help keep tabs on the Easterling threat.


Harthil first appeared in Reconciliation. His exile to Minas Tirith was originally conceived as providing Denethor with a knowledgeable source on Andrahar and a motive to revenge, and who could subtly fan the flames of the Steward's dislike over the years without crossing the line into treasonous conduct.