"I simply waited till Father was in a crowd of the most conservative stick-in-the-muds. You know, Pinnath Gelin, Lamedon, Calembel, all of those. And their wives. Then I just walked up and asked him right in front of them which of us was going to be the Bearer from our house."
- Boromir, Motherless

An old Númenorean custom, kept mainly in Dol Amroth and by the "conservative faction"[1] of Gondor's power base. During a time of bereavement, one member from each family or house related to the bereaved family send a representative to assist those in mourning for a lunar month and to help them recover from their loss.

Known BearersEdit

Imrahil for the Princes of Dol Amroth, to the Steward's family in Minas Tirith

Faramir for the Steward's family, to the Princes of Dol Amroth