b. 2949 - d. ?




Caliel (b. 2976)


Knight of Dol Amroth

Aldan is a Swan Knight of Dol Amroth, formerly of the Third Company of the Dol Amroth infantry.


Aldan was born in Roper's Lane, in the South Docks district of Dol Amroth. As a child, he was taught to read, though he failed to learn Haradric, despite the enclaves of Haradrim in and around South Docks. He married his wife, Naleth, and served in at least one campaign in Harad with the Third Company infantry prior to 2975, during which he was wounded, leaving him with a scar on one cheek. His first child, a daughter, Caliel, was born in late spring of 2976.

His experience and valor in Harad gained him an invitation to try to become a Swan Knight, which he accepted, becoming an esquire in the summer of 2975. As a commoner whose family had nothing to do with horses, he struggled to become a competent rider. His friendship with Peloren of Hathwyn began over his poor horsemanship and developed into a fatherly or older brotherly relationship. Their friendship led to his befriending Elethil as well; he drew both of them into his own circle, comprised of fellow commoners-turned-esquires, such as Teilin and Ambor.

Sometime during or prior to 2980, Aldan was knighted, which allowed him to take part in Thorongil's assault on Hurrhabi. He was afterward assigned to the Olwen, to serve as one of the members of Imrahil's guard.


Aldan was first introduced in Reconciliation as a foil for Peloren and Elethil.